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Igor R. Toshchakov (L.A. Igrok), in addition to being a TWO TIMES LOTTERY WINNER, is also a professional FOREX market trader, international private funds’ manager, and educator since 1993. He is the inventor of the “Igrok Method of Trading Templates” and the author of the book “Beat the Odds in FOREX Trading. How to Identify and Profit from High-Percentage Market Patterns” by Wiley Trading, 2006. That book has also been translated and published in Japanese and Russian. Mr. Toshchakov’s new book “Beat the Odds in the Lottery. How a pro FOREX Trader Plays & Wins the Lottery” is fully based on his own research and experience. By using his newly developed original method the author won two major lottery prizes in just three months. Some words from the author: Being myself a professional trader, a speculator, a gambler, a fund manager, and an educator in the largest global financial market known as FOREX for 25 years straight, I became quite familiar with the concept of “gambling for a living”. And would never ever recommend it to anyone else, especially when it comes to games of chances including the lotteries. Nonetheless, I myself decided to explore the issue deeper as I always suspected that the lotteries are likely to be similar to the financial markets in many instances, though apparently not in all of them. Never before having any particular interest in the lottery game, out of some boredom, natural curiosity, and also being inspired by my lovely, beautiful, and talented wife Olga (who is btw an artist and the author of the cover for this book), I made a decision to give it a try and to check whether or not the very same approach, that allowed me to operate successfully in the financial market for so many years, might somehow be applied to the lottery game as well. Twenty years ago in 1998 I wrote some educational text for my students that later turned into a book which was eventually published by Wiley Trading. In that book I described the method developed by me for practical application in the FOREX market. Therefore, after taking some interest in lotteries, I just wanted to figure out if a similar method could be developed for this particular game which was previously unknown for me. After winning TWO GRAND PRIZES in the lottery in just three month, I guess that my general concept has successfully proven itself. Fifteen secondary prizes (with 4 out of 5 winning numbers being guessed correctly) also won by me in the process seem like a good indicator of further potential major wins in the future. It seems the lottery has become yet another hobby of mine. I have all the reasons to believe that my concept is the only legit way to increase the chances of winning a lottery as it is based on such scientific instruments as math and statistics. After all, this is, no doubt, a game of skill that requires some methodological approach. Obviously, I am aware of the fact that lots of ordinary people are not very proficient or knowledgeable in those studies therefore did my best in order to describe the method in the most simplistic terms possible. I hope even a fifth grader could be able to catch its general idea and then to use it in practice. The method can be used for any “pick 3”, “pick 4”, “pick 5” and “pick 6” lotto games. There are no fixed formulas in order to allow each individual to chose his/her favorite game and to adjust the method in accordance to his/her personal needs, preferences and abilities thus also reducing the possibility of splitting a potential win with other participants. Live abundantly, L.A. Igrok

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