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Why Chart Patterns?
The stock price is unpredictable as it rises and falls in a moment. However, technical analysts have identified patterns in the movement of these prices. Therefore, the previous levels of open, high, low, close, and volume can be used to determine where the prices will be moving. To accomplish this, they utilize many technical tools, including candlestick patterns, chart pattern, strategies and techniques.

Advantages of Using Candlestick and Charts Pattern Trading Book:

  • Candlesticks and charts patterns provides trade signals well in advance of price movements and earlier than many other indicators available.
  • Candlestick and chart patterns are visually communicative and can be easily identified. The shape, size, and colour of the candlestick’s body provide valuable predictions about the market condition and essential inputs for trade decisions.

What Does This Book Do for You?
This book makes the process of learning and practicing candlestick and chart patterns for trading extremely easy and accessible. The book teaches you from the basics to advanced levels of candlestick patterns, chart patterns, advanced trading strategies and techniques. This will help trader to study and gain experience in technical analysis.

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