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Elliott Wave Analysis is a vitally important tool that all professional traders and hedge fund managers use. This book gives you an easy-to-follow introduction to the Elliott Wave techniques. Once you learn what is explained in this book, you will find your trading results improve quite significantly. You will no longer trade randomly. Neither will you get shaken off a good trade by the market noise.

The Elliott Wave approach that is explained in Five Waves to Financial Freedom has benefited thousands of traders from around the world in the last ten years since its first edition was published. In this tenth anniversary edition, I have replaced all the charts with very recent examples. I have also added useful notes to further clarify some points. The goal of this book is simple: To make you, the reader, a much better trader.

The Elliott Wave techniques that you will learn here include

  • Identifying where we are in the cycle
  • Deciding which direction is the next big move likely to happen
  • Determining where we should enter a trade so that our risk is minimized
  • Anticipating likely targets for the current and upcoming move so that you can evaluate whether the risk-reward trade-off is acceptable
  • Deciding how much to risk based on the potential for profit
  • And many more useful tactical points that are rarely taught by other authors of this subject

I have used the Elliott Wave Principle in my career for over 35 years, during which I have advised some of the most influential traders. My approach has been the daily staple of inter-bank dealers from every major bank in the world. I have even advised dealers from Central Banks from different corners of the world on how to use my methods. These methods are now within your reach! Go ahead, and see the marvelous opportunities that Elliott Waves offer you.

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