Ichimoku Charting & Technical Analysis: The Visual Guide for Beginners to Spot the Trend Before Trading Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Forex using Strategies that Work (second edition)

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“Excellent book with superb illustrations and useful information on Ichimoku strategies and the mechanics of it make up.” — Izaac Entwistle

“Just plain brilliant! I don’t leave many reviews on Amazon, but this book is fantastic. Clear, concise and lots of detailed diagrams to aid the reader. I’ve read a dozen trading books so far and this is easily the best balance of price, comprehensiveness and clarity. Great job Charles.” — Philip Joss

Strategies clearly defined with beautifully presented charts. Charts had clear buy/sell signals and alerts. Best book on the cloud I’ve come across so far.” — Germaine Elvy

“I thought this book gives a very good overview of the charting system and how to use it.” — Jinu P. Kamdar

Ichimoku Cloud, or simply Ichimoku, is a revolutionary system that detects new trends, thus preventing the trader from buying in riskier areas. Experienced traders will confirm that entering a trending market is undoubtedly the best way to generate profits, and this is the strength of the system.
Ichimoku has several advantages:

  • The strategies are clear for buying and selling.
  • It is a stand-alone system that can be supported by other indicators.
  • The system projects support and resistance zones into the future.

The Ichimoku system generates key trading signals in a single chart. This system has already conquered the Asian markets and is present on most cryptocurrency platforms. The Ichimoku has six components, including five curves with different time horizons, which help delineate risk areas.
This book is a valuable asset for:

  • Understanding the components of Ichimoku.
  • Discovering the impact of emotions on trading.
  • Incorporating other indicators to support the Ichimoku.
  • Interpreting alerts and buy and sell signals.
  • Discovering the five simple and profitable Ichimoku strategies.
  • Knowing the trading rules to improve your discipline.
  • Understanding how to accelerate the triggering of signals.
  • Detecting bear market reversals and avoiding market crashes.

This guide also provides an overview of basic technical analysis concepts. This second edition includes 106 color charts and tables to make it easier for the reader to learn. English and Japanese names for indicators are included in all Ichimoku charts. In addition, the second edition offers larger images than the first. Dive into the exciting world of Ichimoku and take your trading to the next level!
The Audiobook version includes a PDF file containing the text and images.

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