ICT Forex Trading Strategy: Understanding Asian kill Zone, London Manipulation, Optimum Trading Entry, Orderblock And Distribution

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This ICT Order block trading book is now available to you. When implementing this strategy, you will Understand the context of each trade, as well as the reasons for the applications of order blocks. Your perspective on the markets will shift once you realize this.
The areas from which institutions are either buying or selling are called order blocks (OB). These blocks are formed prior to a large impulse in a direction that has already been planned. We trade order blocks because institutions must first obtain liquidity from retail traders’ stop losses, which many retail traders refer to as “stop hunts,” before making a move. As a result, institutions raise the price to acquire this prior to making their desired move. Institutions don’t use stop losses, so even if they move the market in the way they want, they still have a trade going the other way in a lot of drawdown. As a result, they bring the price back down to reduce their orders before continuing the move. This is where our strategy comes into play. We intend to participate in this mitigation and follow their price. Although understanding how OBs function requires practice, this strategy is not particularly difficult.

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