My Trading Journal: Morning Checklist, Logbook and Notes, For stock market, options, forex, crypto and day traders, Bullish Patterns and Indicators Price: $8.99 (as of 03/01/2024 06:41 PST- Details)


Fun Journals for trading lovers. Perfect for stock market traders, options, crypto, forex traders, and day traders.

Journal for traders.
• 8×11 inches (20.32×27.94 cm) perfect size, plenty of space for you to write your trading thoughts
• 120 pages

Inside you will find sections for the following:

Morning Checklist
A helpful guide for traders before starting their trading day. This page will help traders jot down the following:
• To do list
• Priorities
• Goal for the day
• Watchlist
• Major News
• Market Condition
• Trading Plan

Trading Log
This page will help traders log their actual trades. Inside the page include sections for the following:
• Name/Ticker
• #Position
• P/L
• Return on Capital
• Date – Time – Buy or Sell – Size – Quantity – Price – Profit – Notes
• Entry Target
• Exit Target
• Reason
• Market Conditions
• Strategy used
• How satisfied am I with this position?

This page will help traders reflect on trades done. Lined pages just for you to write down your trading thoughts and ideas.

Elegant and Fun designs
Thoughtful designs that will make traders smile. Stock market, forex, options, crypto, and day traders will enjoy this beautiful Journal.

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