Dividend Investing: Simplified: The Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money and Create Passive Income in The Stock Market with Dividend Stocks

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Do you want to know the secret behind billionaire investors like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who have successfully increased the size of their holdings over the years?

Are you interested to participate in the stock market, but you are afraid to lose your investment capital?

Are you looking for safe, effective investment strategies that will provide you with regular passive income and potential wealth accumulation?

Then, this audiobook is for you!

Dividend Investing: Simplified: The Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money and Create Passive Income in the Stock Market with Dividend Stocks will help you learn the fundamental concepts behind a specific strategy used by investors who are currently reaping the rewards of their carefully designed investment portfolio.

You will discover:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of investing in dividend stocks
  • The common terms used by dividend investors
  • The different factors you need to consider before you buy dividend stocks
  • The different strategies used by successful dividend investors
  • The specific steps in conducting due diligence
  • The top reasons why investors are reinvesting their dividends instead of cashing out
  • And a whole lot more!

If the books you have read so far have failed to help you understand the dynamics of dividend investing, this one can.

With specific actionable steps that you can use to guide your decisions from buying to selling dividend stocks, this audiobook can help you understand why savvy stock investors are attracted to companies that are paying regular dividends.

Featuring the top strategies used in dividend investing (HGDRS, HDYS, diversification, and DRIPs) this audiobook explains why it is important that you must follow a specific game plan to help you win the exciting yet volatile game of dividend stock investing.

You can really make money in the stock market by investing in companies that are paying regular dividends.

For example, if you have invested in dividend stocks of these companies, you might be reaping the rewards of payouts plus capital growth:

  • Chevron Corp has returned 200 percent
  • Altria Group has returned 300 percent
  • Con Edison (formerly known as New York Gas Light Company) has returned 130 percent

So, crack this one open today so you can start implementing the strategies used by millionaire stock market investors.

P. S.

As the popular Chinese adage goes, “The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago, and today is the second-best time”.

But avoid the “Just Do It Mentality”! You can’t just randomly pick stocks from the list of dividend-paying companies in the stock exchange.

You need a plan, and this audiobook will teach you how to build your own game plan to win.

Get this audiobook now and start investing in profitable dividend stocks today!