DON’T TRADE BEFORE LEARNING THESE 14 CANDLESTICK PATTERNS: These 14 most reliable candlestick patterns provide to traders more than 85% of trade opportunities emanating from candlesticks trading. Price: $6.99 (as of 27/05/2024 03:50 PST- Details)


Why candlestick analysis?
A security’s price may look unpredictable as they rise and fall over a while. But successful traders and technical analysts have found that historical prices tend to repeat themselves and also that there are some patterns in the movement of prices and hence previous levels of open, high, low, close, and volume can be used to determine where the price is heading to and whether the security is overbought or oversold. For this purpose, they employ many technical tools, and candlestick analysis is one of them.

Advantages of candlestick analysis

  • Candlesticks provide trade signals well in advance of price movements and earlier than many other indicators.
  • Candlestick charts are visually communicative. The color, shape, size, and location of the body of candlesticks provide you with valuable information about the market condition and essential inputs to trade decisions and consequently, you are more likely to make your fortunes in trading.

What does this book do for you?
There is a mistaken belief that learning candlesticks takes time, and this discourages many from learning candlesticks. This book makes it extremely easy to learn and practice candlestick analysis in a short period. This book will help newbies learn from basics to advanced level and experts to brush up and make money consistently in trading stocks, derivatives, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

About the selection of the candlestick patterns
The author has chosen for this book 14 candlestick patterns based on the findings of some studies by technical analysts that t
hese 14 candlestick patterns provide to traders over 85% of trade opportunities emanating from candlesticks trading and a win ratio of more than 80%.

This book consists of two parts:
Part-I is for beginners. It explains the anatomy and body language of candlesticks.
Part-II explains in individual chapters the structure of the 14 candlestick patterns and the logic behind each of the patterns and guides how to spot the patterns on their occurrence, interpret them and take buy-sell decisions based on their signals.

As this book covers everything a trader must know about candlesticks trading, the reader can be sure that reading this book will improve his trading skill significantly and fetch a high win percentage.

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