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The New Age of Technical Analysis is a veritable “Utility Belt” for any trader, whether looking for new techniques or starting from the beginning of their trading journey. Apparent on each page is author Brandon Rosewag’s enthusiasm for the analysis of markets. Brandon goes over, in detail, how each technique is useful and why, as well as its situational application and analysis. Every page of this book contains high-value, deeply curated materials in an easy-to-read manner.

Brandon’s ability to break down advanced technicals is on full display in this most valuable of trading manuals, down to the very basics of Fibonacci, Support and Resistance, Brandon’s secret Exponential Moving Average system, Simple Moving Averages, The combination of moving averages for trading, more advanced technical studies like the Stochastics and the TTM Squeeze. Finally, Brandon breaks down how to analyze and find convergence between these indicators to further improve your confidence about each trade you take.

This one book has everything you need to grow yourself into a consistently profitable trader from square one. Brandon takes us through a masterclass of powerful studies and indicators, showing us his ideal day trading and swing trading setups with many examples, and ending on trader psychology, helping build a solid foundation for your trading journey.

Brandon also has a successful YouTube channel with over 45,000 subscribers. If you would like to learn more from him, check out his YouTube channel: BrandonTrades

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